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The University of Miami's Master of Laws in Taxation Program

Michael Mundaca

A former Treasury Department official and tax policy expert, Michael Mundaca’s most recent public-sector position was as assistant treasury secretary for tax policy. He received the agency’s Alexander Hamilton Award before leaving that position in 2011. Since then, he has worked at Ernst & Young, (EY) LLP as co-director of both its National Tax Department and its EY Americas Tax Center. Michael Mundaca holds a master of laws in taxation from the University of Miami.

The University of Miami’s master of laws (LL.M.) program in taxation is unique compared to other programs across the country. Miami’s program adopts a holistic approach to its tax curricula, striving to arm graduates with the knowledge they need to navigate complicated tax situations in both domestic and multinational settings.

Miami offers both full- and part-time options for those pursuing an LL.M degree. Students can also embark on a triple degree track that will yield a juris doctor (JD) and a master of business administration (MBA) in addition to an LL.M. degree. Visit to learn more about this and other LL.M. programs.

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